Cheap SIM Phone Cards for Foreign Countries

Whether on a family holiday, on a business trip or during a longer stay abroad, such as a study abroad, mobile phones, tablets and similar devices are now indispensable for almost everyone – whether it’s to maintain communication with the people at home or for spontaneous mobile surfing.

In order to prevent the permanent connection to the Internet from becoming a cost trap, it is important to consider whether you are within the EU. Data roaming charges are now capped there. This does not mean that telephoning and surfing is cheap, but at least a certain maximum cost limit is set. Outside the EU, however, there are usually still very high telephone and surfing charges from local telephone providers, which are not capped.

Factors for calculating telephone and surfing fees via Smartphone & Tablets

  • Since July 1,2014, roaming charges for outgoing calls within the EU have been a maximum of 19 cents per minute excluding VAT.
  • Since July 1,2014, roaming charges for incoming calls within the EU have been a maximum of 7 cents per minute excluding VAT.
  • Since 2010, incoming voice messages on the mailbox may no longer be charged.
  • The reception of SMS messages abroad remains free of charge – as well as in Germany.
  • Countries of the EU mostly fall into country group 1 with uniform charges for tariff providers, but countries in Europe but not the EU and the USA fall into country group 2 (costs at approx. 1.59 euro/min for outgoing calls), the rest of the world fall into country group 3 (costs at approx. 2.99 euro/min for outgoing calls).
  • WhatsApp, Chatten or also Internet surfing remains free of charge if free WLAN can be used.
  • Since July 2010, all European mobile operators have been required to notify their customers by SMS if roaming charges exceed a limit of 59.50 euros.
  • As of July 1,2014, the maximum price for one megabyte of data transfer (up- the download) is 23.80 cents per MB.
  • Within the EU there are many mobile phone offers with special volume packages at a fixed price of 10,20,50 or even 200MB, which are usually consumable within 1 month.
  • The sending of MMS is not regulated in the EU regulation according to which in some volume tariffs MMS are excluded and charged at normal roaming fees.

Tips for low-cost telephoning and surfing from abroad

  • Always use WLAN where it is offered, so surfing is completely free of charge. If necessary, calls can also be made free of charge via Skype or similar.
  • Use roaming charges only in emergencies, especially outside Europe
  • If it’s possible, let me call you.
  • Use of prepaid calling cards from tariff providers in the destination country: these offer affordable and generous volume packages for surfing (e. g. 1-10 GB per month included) as well as for telephoning at a low fixed price. The enormous price differences are due to the fact that tariff providers in the destination country are used for prepaid phone cards.