ISIC – International Students ID Card

Accommodation, food, books, excursions… Living abroad costs money and even more so, studying abroad. Totally overpriced rents, new books every semester and also the leisure activities have an impact. At the same time, the studies leave little time to earn a little bit of money at the same time.

The cliché of the beggar student may be exaggerated, but it is often the case that he gets more than he can handle. For this reason, there are student discounts in many places. If you can prove your student status, you will receive reduced admission fees for visits to museums, theatres and cinemas in virtually every city.

You can get even more discounts and special offers if you have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC offers you a lot of advantages: It unfolds its full potential when you are abroad. ISIC is, as its name suggests, known and recognised as an international student ID card all over the world.

Interesting facts about the International Student Card

ISIC is the only student ID card internationally recognized by UNESCO. State, academic, private and public institutions all over the world know and accept the ISIC.

Although the student ID card of your home university officially confirms your student status, there may be problems with recognition abroad. This is mainly due to the fact that the identity cards look different and counterfeiting cannot necessarily be ruled out. ISIC, on the other hand, has a uniform design and is highly recognizable. With ISIC you are definitely on the safe side abroad.

Since 1968, the non-profit organisation ISIC Association has been issuing the International Student Card. Originally, the aim was to offer students the opportunity to travel to other countries and get to know their languages and cultures by offering reduced fares. In the meantime, the offer goes far beyond special travel conditions: in more than 130 countries, cardholders enjoy numerous advantages and discounts in all areas of student life, be it for food and drink, accommodation, education and much more.

Advantages of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) at a glance

  • Easily prove your student status anywhere in the world
  • Discounts and special conditions on various products and services worldwide

You can find out all current, worldwide discounts and offers via a free app or on the Benefits website of ISIC. org. Further information is also available on the German ISIC homepage.

Requirements for obtaining the ISIC

All full-time students aged twelve years and older (from secondary level) and all full-time students attending a state or private recognised (university) school may acquire an ISIC. This also includes trainees and trainees as well as registered doctoral candidates, students on leave of absence and preparatory college students.

Those who take part in courses that do not lead to vocational training cannot acquire the ISIC. This includes, for example, students of language or adult education courses, FsJers, volunteers, interns or au-pairs.

Proof of eligibility for the International Student Identity Card

To obtain the International Student Identity Card, you must prove that you are a full-time student, pupil or trainee. The following documents, if necessary in certified translation, shall be considered as proof:

  • Current training contract in accordance with the Vocational Training Act
  • Correctly dated student or pupil ID card
  • A dated letter from the (university) school with stamp

International student ID card ISIC: Costs and validity period

The ISIC costs 15 Euro and is valid for one year from the date of issue. You can renew your ID every year while you are still in training. In your last year of training, the ISIC is valid until the end of the calendar year.