Reasons for studying in the US

The United States of America – a longing goal for people of all generations around the globe. The USA is also highly regarded among students: The „Land of the Free“ is still by far the most important host country for international students. In 2012 alone, around 740,000 foreign students were enrolled at US universities.

Fascinating metropolises such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, Route 66 and natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls – all this makes the USA an attractive study destination. In fact, studying in the USA brings even more advantages. An overview of the most important reasons for studying in the USA:

1. Country of unlimited study opportunities

Thousands of academic programs, just over 4,700 Degree Granting Institutions – the US higher education system is extremely diverse and multifaceted and one of the reasons for studying in the US. The US colleges and universities offer all kinds of courses of study.

If you are looking for a certain focus or combination of subjects, you are sure to find it in the USA. It is not uncommon for international applicants to have several hundred courses at a single university.

A semester abroad in the USA is an excellent opportunity to take courses that do not exist at your home university. Many students opt for a full course of study in the United States and choose a degree course at the interface of different disciplines. In this way, they can deepen the knowledge they have acquired so far in a specialist area and at the same time expand their individual profile in a targeted manner.

2. Study at first-class colleges and universities

Good reasons for studying in the USA are also the first-class study conditions and the high quality of courses at many American colleges and universities. Numerous universities are excellently equipped, promise high teaching and research standards and the relationship between students and professors is considered exemplary.

For many international students, the top positions of US universities in internationally significant university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings or the Times Higher Education World University Rankings are also an important point on the list of reasons for studying in the USA. Especially the prestigious elite universities of the Ivy League are doing extremely well. The universities of the two Californian alliances, the University of California and California State University, are also internationally renowned.

The United States is also the country with the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry and medicine. It is therefore not surprising that applicants who have completed their studies in the USA score high points with many employers and are in some cases given preferential treatment. One of the reasons for studying in the USA can therefore also be to secure a career advantage over other applicants through study experience in the United States.

3. Benefit from a comprehensive range of services

The customer is king „- a motto that American universities take seriously. Colleges and universities in the USA are competing for new students and are constantly offering new services and advice. Those who are looking for reasons to study in the USA should not forget the comprehensive range of services offered by US universities on their list of pro-arguments. Students can enjoy numerous amenities if they choose to study in the USA. Many universities have at their disposal

  • sports facilities
  • Fitness studios with pool
  • theaters
  • hassle
  • numerous catering options in the form of restaurant complexes, dining
  • halls, cafés and supermarkets
  • first-class furnished student dormitories
  • Health Centers (Health Center)
  • a football stadium

A large number of universities also offer services for international students. Popular places of accommodation for studying in the USA, for example, are special dormitories for international students (International Dorms). These are usually equipped with recreation rooms, which makes it easier to make contacts with each other. The dormitories are often located in the immediate vicinity of central campus buildings.

In many cases, the universities have their own International Students Office. It advises international students on all study-related issues and often organises additional activities for international students.

4. Immersion in life on campus

Nowhere else is it better to experience the American way of life than on campus. After their return to the USA, many students are enthusiastic about the daily life in the USA, the special cohesion and the spirit of community.

The many clubs and student organisations at US universities are also good reasons for studying in the USA. Quite often there are several hundred clubs and associations that international students can often join. This is where social, cultural, political or religious groups come together. The campus life in the USA also includes countless leisure clubs with a common passion for hiking, board games, movies and theatre.

If you get involved in a student club or organization, it is easier to meet new people. In addition, students can give their own CV a certain something special.

Collegesports also play a special role in the United States and is at the top of the list of reasons for studying in the USA, especially among sports enthusiasts. Collegesport in the USA is professionally practiced and cannot be compared with the university sports of other countries. Partially, the teams of uni participate in national competitions. Accordingly, there is an euphoric and boisterous atmosphere on campus when your own university teams compete against other universities. If you have the chance to be part of a football match of your own uni team, for example, you will experience a bit of American lifestyle.

International students who achieve excellent sporting achievements even have the chance to participate in college sports and contribute to the success of the university team. Many universities in the USA offer lucrative sports scholarships to attract top athletes from other countries to their own universities.

5. Studies for high school graduates and pupils

For high school graduates and pupils, there are also several reasons for studying in the USA. Unlike in Germany, it is quite possible to study in the USA without an Abitur. There are two insider tips on how high school graduates and some of them even upper secondary school students can make it to an American university:

  • Community Colleges: Admission requirements are simple, tuition fees are relatively low – studying at a community college in the USA pays off. Transfer agreements between many community colleges and universities allow students to continue their bachelor studies in the USA after two years of study at a college or university. In this way, they have the opportunity to catch up on their bachelor’s degree. Normally, nothing stands in the way of a subsequent master’s degree.
  • Summer Sessions: Many universities in the USA offer special summer programs every year. The so-called Summer Sessions or Summer Schools usually fall practically into the lecture-free time in Germany. Participants often have an immense variety of courses to choose from. In addition, there is usually an attractive supporting programme. Many programs are already open to high school students from the age of 16. In addition, summer sessions are often the only way for international students to gain access to renowned universities in the USA.

6. To train English language skills and intercultural competence

A study stay in an English-speaking country often has a positive effect on your own English language skills. In the USA, students from Germany are constantly confronted with the English language. Lectures and seminars are often given by native speakers. In their free time, international students often spend time with fellow students from their home country. The improvement of language skills should therefore not be missing from the list of reasons for studying in the USA.

Studying in the USA also offers the opportunity to acquire or improve intercultural skills. Anyone familiarising themselves with the American business culture, for example, has a good hand in the labour market in Germany. The 30 largest US companies alone account for more than 340,000 jobs in Germany. Studying abroad in the USA can therefore have a positive effect on your career.